'Little' Jimmy Dickens: Country Boy

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'Little' Jimmy Dickens: Country Boy
'Little' Jimmy Dickens: Country Boy
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  • 4 CD-Box in LP-Format
  • ein 64-seitiges Booklet mit vielen Fotos, kompletter Discography und Credits. Titel wie folgt: Take an old cold 'tater
  • Pennies for Papa
  • Crazy worried mind
  • Golden haired darlin'
  • Country boy
  • I'm fading fast with the time
  • I'll be back a-sunday
  • My heart's bouquet
  • I'm in love up to my ears
  • A rose from the bride's bouquet
  • Beautiful morning glory
  • Lovin' lies
  • A-sleepin' at the foot of the bed
  • Sign by the highway
  • Be careful of stones that you throw
  • I'm in love up to my ears
  • Then I had to turn around and get married
  • If it ain't one thing it's another
  • Hillbilly fever
  • Walk, chicken, walk
  • Just when I needed you
  • When that love bug bites you
  • Waitin' for the tide to change
  • Cold feet
  • Out of business
  • Bessie the heifer
  • Lola Lee
  • I'm little but I'm loud
  • The bible on the table
  • What about you
  • The galvanized washing tub
  • He turned up his nose
  • It may be silly
  • I wish you didn't love me so much
  • Bring your broken heart to me
  • I sure would like to set a spell with you
  • On the sea of broken dreams
  • Poor little darlin'
  • They don't know nothin' at all
  • I've just got to see you once more
  • They locked god outside the iron curtain
  • Brother, do you take time to pray
  • Hot diggity dog
  • Waitress, waitress
  • On the sea of broken dreams
  • No tears in heaven
  • He spoke not a word
  • That little old country church house
  • Take up thy cross
  • Just a closer walk with thee
  • The old country preacherMTake my hand precious lord
  • I shall not be moved
  • Wedding bell waltz
  • You don't have love at all
  • I'm gettin' nowhere fast
  • Love must be catching
  • Thick and thin
  • Teardrops
  • Sidemeat and carbage
  • Forever is too long to be alone
  • Would you mind
  • I'll dance at your wedding
  • I'm making love to a stranger
  • Barefooted little cowboy
  • No place like home on christmas
  • Rockin' with red
  • You all come
  • Out behind the barn
  • Lovesong of the bayou
  • You better not do that
  • Closing time
  • Slow suicide
  • Take me as I am
  • Where's Willie
  • Blackeyed Joe's
  • A ribbon and a rose
  • Stinky passed the hat around
  • Salty boogie
  • Conscience
  • We could
  • Hey worm!
  • Where did the sunshine go
  • I'm braver now
  • Are you insured beyond the grave
  • When they get too rough
  • I feel for you
  • Big Sandy
  • It scares me half to death
  • You gotta have a heartbreak
  • Red wing
  • Country boy bounce
  • Buddy's boogie
  • Raisin' the dickens
  • I never thought it


'Little' Jimmy Dickens


BearFamily, 1949-57