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- 4031266
EAN: 0029667420525
- 4031266
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Pop und Rock


  • The Electric Company: Scarey business
  • The Brain Train: Black roses
  • The New Breed: I got nothin' to say to you
  • The Last Word: Sleepy hollow
  • The Composers: With friends like you, who needs friends
  • The Wooly Ones: Put her down
  • The Wilde Knights: Just like me
  • Bud & Kathy: Hang it out to dry
  • The Barracudas: What I want you to say
  • The Electric Company: You're wrong
  • The Sunday Group: Edge of nowhere
  • The Last Word: Don't call me, I'll call you
  • The Brain Train: Me
  • The New Generation: Stay away
  • The Chevelle Five: Dangling little friends
  • The Electric Company: You remind me of her
  • The 17th Avenue Exits: A man can cry
  • The Wilde Knights: I don't care
  • The New Breed: The words ring back
  • The Wooly Ones: Slings and arrows
  • The Barracudas: The reason why
  • Sir Frog & The Toads: The frog
  • The Electric Company: See me some time
  • The 17th Avenue Exits: I ain't gonna eat my heart out any more
  • The Wilde Knights: Beaver patrol
  • The Barracudas: These ironic days
  • E S P Limited: Tell me
  • The New Breed: I'll still be waiting there
  • The Barracudas: I can't believe you're really mine
  • The New Generation: Leave me alone