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- 8606509
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Pop und Rock


  • The Hombres: Let it out
  • The Golliwogs: Fight fire
  • New Colony Six: At the river's edge
  • The Daily Flash: Jack of diamonds
  • Lyme & Cybelle: Follow me
  • The Choir: It's cold outside
  • The Rare Breed: Beg, borrow and steal
  • Sir Douglas Quintet: She's about a mover
  • The Music Explosion: Little bit o'soul
  • The 'E' Types: Put the clock back on the wall
  • The Palace Guard: Falling sugar
  • The Gestures: Run, run, run
  • The Rationals: I need you
  • The Human Society: Knock knock
  • The Groupies: Primitive
  • The Sonics: Psycho
  • The Lyrics: So what
  • The Lollipop Shoppe: You must be a witch
  • The Ballroom farm: A question of temperature
  • Mouse & The Traps: Maid of sugar-Maid of spice
  • The Uniques: You ain't tuff
  • The Standells: Sometimes good guys don't wear white
  • The Mojo Men: She's my baby
  • Unrelated Segments: Story of my life
  • The Third Bardo: I'm five years ahead of my time
  • We The People: Mirror of your mind
  • The Shadows Of Knight: Bad little woman
  • The Music Machine: Double yellow line
  • The Human Expression: Optical sound
  • The Amboy Dukes: Journey to the center of the mind
  • The Chocolate Watchband: Are you gonna be there
  • The Leaves: Too many people
  • The Brigands: Her big man
  • The Barbarians: Are you a boy or are you a girl
  • Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs: Wolly Bully
  • The Strangeloves: I want candy
  • The Kingsmen: Louie Louie
  • The Knickerbockers: One track mind
  • Wailers: Out of our tree
  • Harbinger Complex: I think I'm down
  • The Dovers: What am I going to do
  • The Charlatans: Codine
  • The Mystery Trend: Johnny was a good boy
  • Clefs Of Lavender Hill: Stop-get a ticket
  • The Monks: Complication
  • The Sonics: The witch
  • The Electric Prunes: Get me to the world on time
  • The Other Half: Mr. Pharmacist
  • Richard & The Young Lions: Open up your door
  • Paul Revere & The Raiders: Just like me
  • We The People: You burn me up and down
  • The Lemon Drops: I live in the Springtime
  • Fenwyck: Mindrocker
  • The Rumors: Hold me now
  • The Underdogs: Love's gone bad
  • The Standells: Why pick on me
  • The Zakary Thaks: Bad girl
  • Gonn: Blackout of gretely
  • The Bees: Voices green and purple
  • Davie Allan & The Arrows: Blues' theme
  • The Electric Prunes: I had too much to dream
  • The Leaves: Hey Joe u. a.