1-2-3-4! Beat, Beat, Beat Vol. 4

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1-2-3-4! Beat, Beat, Beat Vol. 4
1-2-3-4! Beat, Beat, Beat Vol. 4
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  • The Wolves: Journey into dreams
  • The Wolves: What do you mean
  • The Migil 5: Boys & girls
  • The Migil 5: I saw your picture
  • The Overlanders: Don't it make you feel good
  • The Overlanders: Sing a song of sadness
  • Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Sounds: Kelly
  • Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Sounds: See you later alligator
  • Joe Dolan & The Drifters Showband: When you say I love you
  • Tammy St John: Hey-hey-hey-hey
  • Tammy St John: Boys
  • Me & Them: Tell me why
  • Me & Them: Getaway
  • Julie Grant: Can't get you out of my mind
  • Mark Wynter: Can't help forgiving you
  • The Wackers: Love or money
  • The Wackers: Hooka tooka
  • Peter's Faces: Try a little love my friend
  • Peter's Faces: I don't care
  • The Rockin' Berries: I didn't mean to hurt you
  • The Rockin' Berries: You'd better come home
  • Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers: Where did our love go
  • Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers: Caroline
  • Tony Jackson & The Vibrations: Bye bye baby
  • Tony Jackson & The Vibrations: Watch your step
  • The 'Takers: If you don't come back
  • The Takers: Think
  • The Chants: Sweet was the wine
  • The Chants: One star
  • Eileen Reid & The Cadets: Chapel of love
  • The Searchers: When you walk in the room
  • The Searchers: I'll be missing you
  • Tony Dangerfield & The Thrills: I've seen such things
  • Tony Dangerfield & The Thrills: She's too way out
  • The Pendulums: The weaver
  • Carl Wayne & The Vikings: What's the matter baby
  • Carl Wayne & The Vikings: Your loving ways
  • The First Gear: Leave my kitten alone
  • The First Gear: A certain girl
  • Rod & Carolyn: Love is where you are
  • Rod & Carolyn: I got you on my mind
  • The Soul Agents: The seventh son
  • The Soul Agents: Let's make it pretty baby
  • Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four: The wild side of life
  • Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four: Forget the other guy
  • The Ivy League: Wait a minute
  • The Ivy League: What more do you want
  • Antoinette: There he goes
  • Antoinette: Little things mean a lot
  • The Rockin Berries: He's in town
  • The Rockin Berries: Flashback
  • The Hi-Fi's: Why can't I stop loving you
  • Shelley: I will be wishing
  • The Overlanders: I wonder why
  • The Overlanders: If I gave you
  • The Blue Aces: I beat your to it
  • The Blue Aces: I just can't help lovin' you
  • The Kinks: All day and all of the night
  • The Kinks: I gotta move


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