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EAN: 0698458271129
- 2349921
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Pop und Rock


  • Masquerade (The Phantom of the Opera)
  • Macavity (Cats)
  • Could we start again (Jesus Christ Superstar)
  • Rainbow high (Evita)
  • Gethsemane (Jesus Christ Superstar)
  • With one love (Sunset Boulevard)
  • Think of me (The Phantom of the Opera)
  • Anohter suitcase in another hall (Evita)
  • Whistle down the wind (Whistle down the Wind)
  • U-n-c-o-u-p-l-e-d (Starlight Express)
  • Don´t cry for me Argentina (Evita)
  • Tell me on a sunday (Tell me on a Sunday)
  • The Phantom of the Opera (The Phantom of the Opera)
  • Love changes everything (Aspects of Love)
  • All I ask of you (The Phantom of the Opera)
  • Half a moment (By Jeeves)
  • I don´t know how to love hom (Jesus Christ Superstar)
  • The first man you remember (Aspects of Love)
  • Unexpected song (Tell me on a Sunday)
  • Only you (Starlight Express)
  • The last man in my life (Tell me on a Sunday)
  • Seeing is believing (Aspects of Love)
  • Memory (Cats)
  • Wishing you were somehow here again (The Phantom of the Opera)
  • Close every door (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat)
  • Too much in love to care (Aspects of Love)
  • Starlight Express (Starlight Express)
  • Anything bur lonely (Aspects of Love)
  • Any dream will do (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
  • Out kind of love (The Beautiful Game)