Atlantic Vocal Groups 1951 - 1963

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Atlantic Vocal Groups 1951 - 1963
EAN: 0603497773824
Atlantic Vocal Groups 1951 - 1963
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R& B


  • The Clovers: Hey Miss Fannie
  • The Clovers: One mint julep
  • The Clovers: Yes it's you
  • The Drifters feat. Clyde McPhatter: Bip Bam
  • The Clovers: I confess
  • The Drifters: Don't dog me
  • The Clovers: The feeling is so good
  • Carmen Taylor & The Boleros: Ooh I
  • The Drifters feat. Clyde McPhatter: What'cha gonna do
  • The Chords: Sh-boom
  • The Cords: Cross over the bridge
  • The Clovers: You cash ain't nothin' but trash
  • The Playboys: Tell me (are you really mine)
  • The Chords: Zippity zum (I'm in love)
  • The Regals: Got the water boiling
  • The Playboys: Good Golly Miss Molly
  • The Sheiks: Walk that walk
  • The Sh-Booms: Could it be
  • The Royal Jokers: You tickle me baby
  • The Clovers: Nip sip
  • The Cardinals: Come back my love
  • The Clovers: Skylark
  • The Clovers: Needless
  • The Cardinals: I'll always love you
  • The Clovers: I played the fool
  • The Cardinals: Under a blanket of blues
  • The Diamonds: A beggar for your kisses
  • The Drifters feat. Clyde McPhatter: The way I feel
  • The Cardinals: You are my only love
  • The Diamonds: Two loves have I
  • The Clovers: Here goes a fool
  • The Chords: Bless you (for being an angel)
  • The Diamonds: Cherry
  • The Drifters feat. Clyde McPhatter: The bells of St. Mary's
  • The Clovers: Blue velvet
  • The Chordcats: A girl to love
  • The Cardinals: The door is still open
  • The Drifters: Adorable
  • The Sensations feat. Tommy Wicks: Sympathy
  • The Clovers: Devil or angel
  • The Drifters: Your promise to be mine
  • The Drifters: Ruby baby
  • The Sensations feat. Yvonne Mills: Please Mr. Disc Jockey
  • The Pearls: Shadows of love
  • The Coasters: Brazil
  • The Drifters: Drifting away from you
  • The Bobbettes: Mr. Lee
  • The Pearls: Bells of love
  • The Castelles: Hey baby baby
  • The Sensations feat. Yvonne Mills: Cry baby cry
  • The Crescendos: Finders keepers
  • The Drifters: Fool fall in love
  • The Flyers: My only desire
  • Clyde McPhatter: Long lonely nights
  • The Ospreys: It's good to me (You don't know and I don't know)
  • The Penguins: Pledge of love
  • The Glowtones: The girl I love
  • The Drifters: Drip drop
  • The King Bees: Can't you understand
  • The Clovers: Down in the alley
  • The Drifters: I know
  • The Bobbettes: I shot Mr. Lee
  • The Del-Larks: Lady love
  • The Coasters: Dance!
  • The Del-Larks: Remember the night
  • The Vibraharps: Nosey neighbors
  • The Crescendos: I'll be seeing you
  • The Superiors: Lost love
  • The Sensations feat. Yvonne Mills: Romance in the dark
  • The Romeos: Moments to remember you by
  • The Coasters: Zing! Went the strings of my heart
  • The Versatones: Bila
  • The Skyliners: Since I fell for you
  • The Sh-Booms: Blue moon
  • Billy Storm: Dear one
  • The Sh-Booms: Short skirts
  • The Versatones: Tight skirt and sweater
  • Billy Storm: When you dance
  • The Top Notes: Twist and shout
  • The Top Notes: Hearts of stone
  • The Time Tones: Pretty pretty girl (The New Beat)
  • Billy Storm: A kiss from your lips


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