Billie Holiday (Wallet-Box)

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Billie Holiday (Wallet-Box)
EAN: 4011222229144
Billie Holiday (Wallet-Box)
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Vocal Jazz


  • Your mother's son in law
  • Riffin' the scotch
  • I wished on the moon
  • What a little moonlight can do
  • Miss Brown to you
  • A sunbonnet blue and a yellow straw hat
  • What a night, what a moon, what a girl
  • I'm painting the town red
  • It's too hot for words
  • Twenty-four hours a day
  • Yankee-doodle never went to town
  • Eeny meeny miney moo
  • If you were mine
  • These'n that 'n those
  • You let me down
  • Spreadin' rhythm around
  • Life begins when you're in love
  • It's like reaching for the moon
  • These foolish things
  • I cried for you
  • Guess who
  • Did I remember
  • No regrets
  • Summertime
  • Billie's blues
  • A fine romance
  • I can't pretend
  • One, two, button your shoe
  • Let's call a heart a heart
  • Easy to love
  • With thee I swing
  • The way you look tonight
  • Who loves you
  • Pennies from heaven
  • That's life I guess
  • I can't give you anything but love
  • One never know, does one
  • I've got my love to keep me warm
  • If my heart could only talk
  • Please keep me in your dreams
  • He ain't got rhythm
  • This year's kisses
  • Why was I born
  • I must have that man
  • The mood that I'm in
  • You showed me the way
  • Sentimental and melancholy
  • My last affair
  • Carelessly
  • How could you
  • Moanin' low
  • Where is the sun
  • Let's call the whole thing off
  • They can't take that away from me
  • I don't know if I'm coming or going
  • Sun showers
  • Yours and mine
  • I'll get by
  • Mean to me
  • Foolin' myself
  • Easy livin'
  • I'll never be the same
  • Me, myself and I
  • A sailboat in the moonlight
  • Born to love
  • Without your love
  • Getting some fun out of life
  • Who wants love
  • Trav'lin' all alone
  • He's funny that way
  • Nice work if you can get it
  • Things are looking up
  • My man
  • Can't help lovin' dat man
  • My first impression of you
  • When you're smiling
  • I can't believe that you're in love with me
  • If dreams come true
  • Now they call it swing
  • On the sentimental side
  • Back in your own backyard
  • When a woman loves a man
  • You go to my head
  • The moon looks down and laughs
  • If I were you
  • Forget if you can
  • Having myself a time
  • Says my heart
  • I wish I had you
  • I'm gonna lock my heart
  • The very thought of you
  • I can't get started
  • I've got a date with a dream
  • You can't be mine
  • Everybody's laughing
  • Here it is tomorrow again
  • Say it with a kiss
  • April in my heart
  • I'll never fail you
  • They say
  • You're so desirable
  • You're gonna see a lot of me
  • Hello, my darling
  • Let's dream in the moonlight
  • That's all I ask of you
  • Dream of life
  • What shall I say
  • It's so easy to blame the weather
  • More than you know
  • Sugar
  • You're so lonely to last
  • Under a blue jungle moon
  • Everything happens for the best
  • Why did I always depend on you
  • Long gone blues
  • Some other spring
  • Our love is different
  • Them there eyes
  • Swing, brother, swing
  • Night and day
  • The man I love
  • You're just a no account
  • You're just a lucky guy
  • Ghost of yesterday
  • Body and soul
  • What is this going to get us u. v. a.


Billie Holiday (1915-1959)