Charlie Kunz: Serenade In The Night

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Charlie Kunz: Serenade In The Night
Charlie Kunz: Serenade In The Night
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  • A Star Fell Out Of Heaven/Serenade In The Night/A Fine Romance
  • Grandma Said/I Miss You In The Morning/Nice People
  • It's Been A Long, Long Time/That Feeling In The Moonlight/The Moment I Saw You
  • I'll Buy That Dream/It's A Grand Night For Singing/It Might As Well Be Spring
  • No 55 (Part 1): Moonlight Cocktail/Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat/Don't Sit Under The Appletree
  • I'll Close My Eyes/My Heart Is Dancing With You/Till The End Of Time
  • No 48 (Part 2): There Goes That Song Again/When They Sound The Last All Clear/Hey Little Hen
  • It Couldn't Be True/Laughing On The Outside (Crying On The Inside)/Coax Me A Little
  • No 46 (Part 2): The Last Time I Saw Paris/Something To Remember You By/Over The Hill
  • In Love In Vain/All Through The Day/One-ZY, Two-ZY (I Love You ZY)
  • No 48 (Part 1): There I Go/Dolores/Yes, My Darling Daughter
  • Dearly Beloved/As Time Goes By/A Touch Of Texas
  • I'll Walk Alone/Swinging On A Star/Shine On Victory Moon
  • No 52 (Part 2): The White Cliffs Of Dover/Green Eyes/Rose O'Day
  • Scatter Brain/Over The Rainbow/Goodnight Children Everywhere
  • Silver Wings In The Moonlight/I'd Like To Set You To Music/Johnny Zero
  • No Regrets/When The Poppies Bloom Again/This'll Make You Whistle
  • The Moon Got In My Eyes/Remember Me/It's The Natural Thing To Do
  • No 55 (Part 2): Tangerine/One More Kiss Then Goodnight/Miss You
  • Waltzing With Joyce (Part 1): A Thousand Kisses/Dreaming/Autumn Songs
  • My Prayer/If I Didn't Care/Wishing
  • In The Blue Of Evening/Heavenly Music/Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey
  • Daybreak/For Me And My Gal/Yankee Doodle Boy
  • No 47 (Part 2): Amapola/Does She Love Me? /I've Got Sixpence


Charlie Kunz