Don't You Leave Me Here

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Don't You Leave Me Here
EAN: 0000008092308
Don't You Leave Me Here
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  • Savoy Bearcats: Stampede/How could I be blue/ Senegalese stomp/Bearcat stomp/Nightmare/Hot notes/Senorita mine
  • Lloyd Scott's Orchestra: Harlem shuffle/Happy hour
  • Charlie Johnson's Original Paradise Ten: Birmingham black/Don't you leave me here
  • Charlie Johnson's Paradise Ten: You ain't the one/Charleston is the best dance after all/Hot-tempered blues
  • Leroy Smith and His Orchestra: I'm riding to glory
  • Charlie Johnson and His Paradise Band: The boy in the boat/Walk that thing
  • Charlie Johnson And His Orchestra: Harlem drag/Hot bones and rice
  • Joe Steele And His Orchestra: Coal yard shuffle/Top and bottom
  • Bubber Miley And His Mileage Makers: Loving you the way I do/The penalty of love
  • Wooding's Grand Central Red Caps: That's my desire


Jazz Sampler


Frog, 1926-31