Great Bluesmen In Brita

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Great Bluesmen In Brita
EAN: 5022810173625
Great Bluesmen In Brita
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  • Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee: Blues all round my bed
  • Uncle Bud
  • It tale a worried man
  • I was foolde (Jivin' all the time) (She fooled me)
  • Easy ridin' buggy
  • In the evenin'
  • Broke down engine
  • Fox chase
  • Untitled fragment
  • Sporting life blues
  • Hey lawsy Mama (Boots and shoes)
  • Bad bad whisky
  • Georgia ham (Georgia ham Mama)
  • So sweet, so sweet (Little woman you're so sweet)
  • Ham and eggs (I gotta roll)
  • Big Bill Broonzy: Hey Bub! blues
  • Midnight special
  • Careless love
  • In a shanty in Old Shanty Town
  • Keep your hand on your heart
  • Kansas City blues (I'm gonna move to Kansas City) (It for Texas)
  • Josh White: My guitar is as old as father time
  • Conversation
  • Take a gal like you
  • You won't let me go (I want you and I need you)
  • Backwater blues
  • Conversation
  • 'Twas on a monday (On a monday)
  • John Henry
  • He's a dyin' bed maker (Jesus gonna make up my dying bed)
  • Howlin' Wolf blues


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